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Cadence software in action at Polytechnique

Cadence tools are used to support the laboratories VLSI, GRM, GR2M and courses. They are used in several research projects. The courses using the tools at Polytechnique are ELE8304, ELE6305b, ELE6308, INF8500 and GBM8320.

The first two classes are introductory VLSI courses taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some 100 students are introduced to the Cadence tools every year. In these course, Cadence is used as a layout tools to do simple cells in order to understand layout, design rules and process layers. The other classes are advances courses in VLSI design of digital ICs and analog ICs, or related topics. In several cases Cadence is used to create and validate physical designs. On the order of 100 students every year gain a more thorough hands on experience with the tool suite as part of advanced course and thesis projects.

Some research projects using Cadence include:

  • Developing an inductive fault analysis toolsuite on top of Cadence using skill routines.
  • Implementing a clustering chip based on the fuzzy ART neural network algorithm.
  • Develop demonstrator chips for a design methodology of high speed circuits based on the TSPC design style. A 3*3 convolver is used as the driving project. 
  • Develop a TSPC cell library for the TSMC 0.35, 0.18 and 0.13 micron technology.
  • Physical design of an ancilary data processor chip that insert and extract ancillary data from a digital video stream.
  • Implementation of various mised-signal circuits and systems dedicated for sensors interfaces and implantable stimulators.
  • Implementaion of high performance analog functions such as preamlifiers, filters, ADC, ..
  • Implementation of active pixe1 arrays dedicated for image sensors.

Value-added items:

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