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Utility for ZFS file system. A management aid for snapshots. Here PurgeZFS is a script to clear / purge / delete selected ZFS snapshots. Useful for both system administrators and users wanting to free up space used by ZFS snapshots.

Co-design method (software / hardware) for identification and self-classification of high-level protocols.

Here is my master’s thesis (in french).

Senior Analyst - GR2M

Réjean Lepage, M.Sc.

Mr. Réjean Lepage is a Senior Systems Analyst. His job is the management of networked Work Stations and servers for the research group. He manages several type of Unix systems (Solaris and Linux) as well as MS Windows. He does the work of Unix and Windows integration specialist, as well as microelectronics CAD tools specialist, webmaster, information technology specialyst.


Having various academic training completed including a master's degree in computer science in December 2002. He also has, in addition, a certificate in telecommunications completed at the winter 1997 session, a propaedeutic and computer technology of the college of Rosemont. His master's research project was co-directed between two universities, at UQAM (Prof. Omar Cherkaoui) and at École Polytechnique (Prof Yvon Savaria). The subject of the project: the identification of network protocols.Mr. Réjean Lepage has been with the Microelectronics Research Group since September 1995 and has been at the École Polytechnique de Montréal since September 1992. He is also changing courses at Polytechnique's Continuing Education (Course Z410: Internet Information Highway / Intranet) 2009-2016 and (Z415 course: Internet and website development) since 2017.

Computer specialty

Unix SunOS 4x, Solaris 8 , 9, 10 ; Linux RHEL (CentOS et SL 5x, 6x, 7x) , Fedora, Ubuntu; IBM AIX; IBM OS/2; Microsoft DOS; Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, 2000…

Programmation: C/C++, Perl, Shell script Unix (tcsh, csh, sh, ksh, bash), Pascal, DOS Batch, et quelques autres languages.

HTML, CSS, XML, CGI, SSI, JavaScript, CMS (WordPress) and Elementor, so so much more.

Sendmail, POP, IMAP, MailScanner, NFS, Samba, Bind (DNS), DHCP, SSH, SSL, GCC, Rdist, LibVRT ( Hypervisor et KVM), flexlm, MySQL, Apache, …

Administration des logiciels de Microélectronique CAO, tel que : Cadence, Mentor Graphics et ModelTech, Xilinx, Synopsys, Matlab, Altera et plusieurs autres.

Update: may 2019

Here is a complete list of what I, Rejean Lepage, do for GRM(80%) and VLSI Lab(20%) at 
Ecole Polytechnique. In Research and Education area.

Managing all equipments within the GRM research group and VLSI teaching lab,
detailed here is all supported services, servers and IT related stuff I managed
while giving support to student for research and education (grad and under grad).

~20 Linux Servers
~5  VM,  Virt-Manager Linux Servers
~150 Linux WorkStations.
~20+ Windows WorkStations.
~++ latops 
~++ printers 

Linux System Administrator
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux, EL7, EL6, (Scientific Linux & CentOS : 7x 6x)
- Server updates & security, yum mirrors
- LibVRT, virt-manager, HyperVisor
- FOG Server : Cloning service
- RDIST (config mgt)
- iptables & Firewalld & TCP Wrapper
- NFS client & server
- AutoFS

- Tools & apps 
- OpenSSH
- OpenSSL
- Librairies: libssl, libgcc, libgtk, libgl, libz, ... 
- QT
- Python 2.x 3.x
- Firefox 
- Thunderbird
- Google Chrome & plugin 
- GhostScript
- GhostView
- Multiple Gnu CC 
- Git

- Sendmail (,
- MailScanner (anti spam)
- Bind DNS  
- YP NIS  
- SMB / samba  
- FlexLM license server (ads, altera, intel, matlab, microsemi, presagis, tensilica, xilinx)
- SSH / SFTP servers
- RDIST (config mgt)
- CLAM antivirus Unix
- APACHE (serveur web), SSI, CGI, WordPress network site
- Web SSL
- Let's Encrypt

- System Monitoring:
-- (arpwatch, Logwatch, Crons output, yum-cron output, FOG, rdist, emails logs) 
-- exploring: nagios, zabix, netdata,

- and so much more.

CAD tools administrator
= CMC tools Manager
- Cadence: 
	Orcad PSpice
- Synopsys: 
	css (CoCentric System Studio), 
	FM (formality)
	FC vhdl Compiler, 
	Prime Time,
- Mentor Graphics: 
	PADS, Expedition, ModelTech/ModelSim (pc and unix) 
- Xilinx: 
	Vivado, ISE, EDK, Coregen ChipScope Pro
- Agilent ADS
- Virage compiler
- Specman
- Synplicity Synplify (pc and unix)
- Matlab 
- Comsol (pc and unix)
- MEMSpro
- Ansys, Ansys workbench, (pc and unix)
- HP Labview
- Celoxica

CMC Microsystems Manager
- STC Manager / LSE (conferences, relations, equipments)
- Licence Manager
	Ansys, Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys, Xilinx, ...
- Computer Equipement Manager
- Electronic Equipement Manager
- Technical contact
- Mosis Technical contact
- Dalsa Technical contact
- CMP, TSMC Technical contact
- Keeping track of all non-disclosure agreements for the restricted access to kits & BRCDT
- Technology Kits maintener & Manager

	Amisc5, AMSKIT, AMSKIT_GPDK, AMSp35, ARM_cmrf8sf, Artisan, Cmosis5, Cmosp13, Cmosp18, Cmosp25, Cmosp35, 
	Cmosp8, ga911, MetalMUMPs, mosis, PolyMUMPs, rfsip, sensonit, sigehp5, SOIMUMPs, tsmc_28nm, tsmc_65nm, 
	tsmc_65nm_libs, tsmc_90nm, tsmc_90nm_libs, ...

Windows IT Administrator
= Manage Several PC & Laptop brand (Ciara, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, HP, ...)
- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, 
- Security for windows
- Symantec Ghost == FOG
- MS Office all version
- MathType
- Xming, FastX
- SSH Secure Shell Client, Putty, openSSH Windows
- Adobe Acrobat
- Ghost View
- MS Visual C++, Visual dot net
- AdobeCS5: Dreamweaver, PhotoShop
- Patition Magic 
- WireShark, tcpdump
- and more other windows apps ...

- ADS Arm developper suite
- Orcad PSPICE
- Altera
- Xilinx
- MEMSpro
- Synopsys Synplify
- While in contact with different supplier ...

Webmaster / Web designer
- HTML, CGI, SSI, Java Script, CSS, XML, 

- Virtual Web Administator & support
     ServerName (Wiki, NextCLoud, php, ... )
     ServerName (NextCLoud, php, ... )
     ServerName seressa2016 
     ServerName ieee-sscs
     ServerName resmiq 
     ServerName Newcas2020 

Helping professors (with all their +- 150 Students )
- Yvon Savaria, GE
- Mohamad Sawan, GE
- Yves Audet, GE
- Francois Leduc-Primeau, GE
- Jean-Pierre David, GE
- Jean-Jules Brault, GE

- Pierre Langlois, GI
- Guy Bois, GI
- Sylvain Martel, GI
- Gabriela Nicolescu, GI
- Francois Boyer, GI


Here are some testimonials from our best alumni.

“Rejean is a great system administrator who knows his network inside-out. He’s always quick to fix any problem that we had and he did the job well. In addition to his sysadmin work, we have had the chance to collaborate on several research projects and Rejean has shown that he can come up with novel solutions quickly. Overall, he is a sharp individual who is really good at what he does.” July 20, 2006 Tien Bui, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi

“I know Réjean for almost 3 years now and he is one of the best system administrators I have seen. He resolves any problems that he faces in a timely manner. He has deep understanding of the systems he manages and he acquires new knowlege very fast. Réjean is a definate asset to any company. He has many years of experience backed up with a masters degree in computer science.” July 20, 2006 Bill Pontikakis, Ph.D. student and Researcher in cutting edge technology, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal worked directly with Réjean at Polytechnique

Je ne peux oublier de remercier M. Rejean Lepage et Mme Ghyslaine Ethier Carrier, des personnes importantes pour moi et sans aucun doute pour le GRM, qui ont toujours eu une écoute attentive et des gestes attentionnés à mon égard.

To contact me

Phone : 514-340-4711 ext: 4837

Adresse civique:

Local M-5115
Polytechnique Montréal,
2500 Chemin de polytechnique,
Montréal, Qc, Canada, H3T 1J4

Adresse postale:

Polytechnique Montréal
C.P. 6079, succursale Centre-ville
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