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Rejean Lepage
Jean Bouchard

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Réjean Lepage is the IT support analyst for GR2M members. It is with the help of DGE technicians, especially Jean Bouchard, that it is possible to manage all of the GR2M’s ~220 machines including GRM, VLSI, BioStim, PolySTIM…


Computer Support

  • WIKI: A lot of technical information is published on the GR2M WIKI. (Available to members with a GR2M account.)
  • Do not hesitate to search Internet first / Google before asking support.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your colleagues.
  • Request of GR2M password modification (Samba, Windows, Linux, Unix)
  • GR2M Support Policy for IT Support 

Submit a question to the GR2M Support Group

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