GR2M Support Policy for IT Support

The GRM is a very large research group, it has hundreds of systems in several laboratories on the 4th and 5th floor at Lassonde Hall. There are about 12 member professors and their students in addition to the VLSI teaching laboratory.GRM has limited resources for IT support. So in order to have a healthy work environment, it is therefore necessary to establish access policies for IT technical staff.There are a few things you need to do before asking for help on the support page or by email.
  1. First, you must have read and verified that the answer is not already written on the Wiki or on the support page of GR2M and search on Google !
  2. Second, for all software problems, one must ask a senior student, they are responsible for helping junior students in your lab. In the event of a broken equipment, the senior student can inform the support group via the support page.
  3. Third, in the event of a network outage, software or hardware installation problem, the senior student can contact Réjean Lepage .These rules are only slightly flexible as long as Réjean Lepage agrees but it is important to understand that Priority system is in place for the respect of all.
Thank you. The GR2M management.